Dreamtime goes to Martinique
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Scott  Free decides to head out to Dominica where they will rent a car and do a tour of the island.  
We are going to save Dominica for this coming winter season, and so we  plan on jumping down to
Martinique instead, about 65 miles.  Tried to leave in the AM but found the winds too strong and,
not surprisingly, on the nose.  
Diesel Duck and Dreamtime decide to make it an overnighter, which
usually means calmer conditions and reduced sea states.  Sure enough, the run is very nice, and we
make the lee of Martinique around breakfast time.  I cooked up a celebratory breakfast of bacon,
eggs, fried rice and guava turnovers, accompanied by a nice black & tan, and after 10 years or
more, we opened the bottle of Usquabach scotch that my folks gave us and had a wee dram - we
had been saving it for a very special day.  A large pod of porpoise showed up and sported around
the boat¦ it's a tough life but someone's got to live it.

Headed into Trois Islet to anchor as conditions off Fort de France, the capital city, were deemed
too rolly.  Made a very quiet and early evening of it.

Moved back over to Fort de France to anchor for the day as the plans call for renting a car and
having a driving tour of the island with Marlene and Benno.  Wonderful sights to see, Martinique is
a fabulous island with big sprawling banana plantations and sugar cane fields.  We make the trek
over to the Caravelle peninsula, on the windward side, then up to Mt. Pelee, which had huge
Australian tree ferns and other rain forest flora.
Looking out at the Caravelle Peninsula,
on the east coast
The view up towards Mt. Pelee via
the rain forest
5/30/06 - 6/7/06  and  4/13/07 - 4/22/07
After a nice shop in the Hyper-U at the Galleria, we head back to the Anse Mitan to anchor for the evening in
the hopes of seeing some of our old cruising flotilla buddies we hadn't seen since Georgetown,
Casa del Mar,
and Nereiah.  Had a sundowner planning session at the marina bar.

The next morning we head around Cape Solomon to stage for a quick run around to Cul de Sac Marin, and
dropped the anchor in Petite Anse de Arlett.  While enjoying the morning in town in search of a baguette we
suddenly realized that all the towns people were lining the shoreline and cheering.  Low and behold, a
gommier boat race was in progress, and what a site to see.  Square-rigged, with bamboo  mast and booms,
the main keel is made from a single gommier tree.  Very colorful and exciting to see.
The roadways had wonderful traveller
palms and palm trees
Huge australian tree ferns on Mt.
Pelee's slopes
View from Mt. Pelee
Long stretches of banana trees
Gommier Sail-Canoe Boat Race
Heading past St. Lucia's Pitons
Banana Plantations
Beautiful Traveller Palms
Caravelle peninsular
View up through the rain forest on the way to Mt. Pelee
View from Mt. Pelee
Australian Tree Ferns up on Mt. Pelee
Headed out around 5:30AM for a quick run around Diamond Pt. Rock and made for the beach off St.
Anne's rather than entering the lagoon at Cul de Sac Marin.  Spent several days re-provisioning,
relaxing and visiting with Marlene and Benno on '
Diesel Duck'.

With another tropical wave headed our way, we opt to head out very early for St. Lucia.
Gommier Boats racing
St. Lucia's Piton's
St. Anne's Beach
Spring Reprisal -  4/13/2007 through 4/22/2007

During  our short visit to Dominica it became evident that the wind gods were going to be in our favor
for a trip down the windward side of Martinique.  During our last visit we had driven to the Caravelle
Peninsular and were taken with the beauty of the various bays.   With a weather front about to come
through the winds would be out of the NW for some hours just ahead ot it.  This was our time to get
going and make the passage.  We made an overnight trip of it and the weather cooperated beautifully,  
we were able to sail almost the entire way. Judging from the charts it was a bit intimidating for me to
see all the evidence of reefs in these bays, but in fact it wasn't that tough to get around.

We cleared customs in Havre de la Trinite, the town at the crux of the northern side of the Caravelle
Peninsular.  Since we were finished early we decided to go ahead and head around to the choicer
cruising grounds south of the peninsular.  Some of the places we went were the Baie de Galion, the
Havre de Robert, Ilet Oscar, San Suici and Petite Grenade.  All short distances from each other so that if
you plan the transit during the best visibility it's a piece of cake.
Tucked-up (right) in Havre de Robert, (left) looking out to sea from the anchorage
Leaving the southern end of Dominica
Coming around the southern end
of the Caravelle Peninsular
Ilet Oscar, a popular offshore island for daytrippers, it has a good local restaurant
The anchorage behind Petite Grenade, looking eastwards.  To the west
are banana plantations and other agricultural homesteads.
After a great time we headed south then westward around to the anchorage at St. Anne's for a
visit with
Diesel Duck and a much needed shopping trip in Cul de Sac Marin