Dreamtime in the N. Grenadines
Bequia Island (pronounced Beck-way), means "island of the cloud" in old Carib.  It lies about 100 miles
west of Barbados, 9 miles south of St. Vincent and is the largest of the Grenadines at about 7 square
This shot below is of the anchorage in Admiralty Bay, Bequia.  The water is beautiful over a mostly
sand bottom.  The town of Port Elizabeth is a fun place with a great vegetable market, internet access,
bookstore and alot more.  Needless to say there are usually 50 boats or more anchored here.  It's about
the only tenable anchorage and is a straight shot back north to St. Vincent.  Some cruisers leave their
boats here and take the public ferry over to Kingstown, St. Vincent to do their big provisioning.
Admiralty Bay
Spring Bay  on the windward side
One day we took a lengthy, leg-stretching walk with Bud and Leslie from Play Actor over the top of the
island and north to the Turtle Sanctuary at Park Bay.  There, turtles of various sizes are fed and
generally tended-to until they are large enough to release into the wild.   Between the birds, fish and
people there is anough predation to make it tough for the babies to survive.  Many islands send the
turtle eggs up here to be raised in captivity.   The species of turtles are leatherbacks for the most part
with a few green turtles.

I've heard that the turtles are released in Barbados as it is a lot further east from the main island chain.
Leatherback almost ready to be released.
Windward side looking towards Mustique
Local fishing boat
Let's head down to the southern Grenadines