Our Current Location and Updates
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January, 2019
As I start this entry for the new year it dawns on me that I've been updating this website for 20 years! Can you believe it?!?  What a great reminder of all
the travels we've taken and projects we've tackled over that period.  The early years were very boat-centric, especially as we outfitted her to our
needs then lived aboard full time for a number of years, but as blogs became more and more popular, and we became part-timers I decided to
dual-purpose our site rather than going to a separate blog product.  I like the way it's organized for visitors and it seems to serve it's purpose.  OK then.

So the weather has been pretty good here in Puerto Rico, with strong Christmas winds and some wet weather giving way to more moderate conditions
as winter cold fronts push east in the states and cause the Bermuda high to be blocked to some degree.
Some shots around the Marina complex. As you can tell sport fishing is a big deal around here with tournaments held and etc.  Also with Culebra,
Vieques and the USVI's all within a 50 mile range these guys can get there in no time at all.  The Marina had it's big winter party last Saturday and I was
really looking forward to all the hoopla & pics I could include in this entry to the log, (Ed was really looking forward to having some of the 3 roasting
pigs & checking out the live music) when
WHAM! I super-stubbed my toe out on the foredeck which now feels broken. Couldn't walk on it at all, oh well,
missed the party and didn't care at that point.    Enjoying the many stunning sunrises and sunsets.