Our Current Location and Updates
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Well, it's a New Year, let's hope it shapes up a little better for us all than 2020.  Hopeful? - yes,  Doubtful? - yes too, I'm afraid.  Lots of
things are changing and I'm worried that it's not all for the good. (Insert your personal rant here, lol).  Positive attitude right? With any
luck, there will be some travelling in our future. The various personal blogs I read tend to be written by fellow RV'ers or Cruisers, and we
are all, universally, chomping at the bit to get a move on, to see other places and do other things.  I have had a big-time case of
"Pandemic Paralysis" for quite awhile now and I'm just
over it!

Moving on ---

New Year's Day was a success! A gorgeous 8+ lb ham shank, baked yams, hoppin' john and fresh cornbread was on the mid-afternoon
menu and rounded out by a nice bottle of Cabernet Savignon (
'but of course' as our French friend from St. Martin, Laurent, used to say.)
January, 2021
Above left, the here-to-for mentioned New Year's Day dinner, and a bunch of breakfast leftovers, over and above the nice slices put away
in the freezer, plus a shot of me with one of the graveside arrangements to go on the family plot. This is usually the time of year we head
over to check on things. His Mom, Dad and Sister are all laid to rest here in town, whereas mine are scattered, some in Georgia, Dad in
Arlington Nat'l and my Sister up in my hometown of Rochester, NY.
The Grillmaster is at it again, this time baby back ribs that have been dry-rubbed with a custom blend of spices, (including Montreal
Steak seasoning, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, & chili powder), then marinated in a special mopping sauce made up of
generic hickory smoked BBQ sauce, sriracha, soy sauce, brown sugar and red wine vinegar.  YUM and double YUM!  We usually get
3 dinners out of 1 rack of ribs. 2 ribs apiece plus side and salad followed by (sometimes) dessert will do it for us.

The beautiful weather has been a blessing.  Growing up on Lake Ontario our winter was comprised of grey skies and dirty slush
with the occasional sunny day.  We may have had frost on the roof this morning but the sun is shining and the sky is blue - heaven!
Ed is conscientious about getting his exercise in on a daily basis, including morning stretches, daily walks and an assortment of
weights, rowing machine time and stretch bands. Meanwhile, I'm conscientious about getting a big breakfast on the table; ham, barley,
egg and toast is pretty normal, or ham, scrambled eggs and french toast, another favorite.
 And a nice bowl of fruit is the topper.  I
devote some time each week to cutting up grapefruit, navel oranges, pineapple, apples and grapes so we can enjoy it every morning
with breakfast.
I got in the habit of a full breakfast early, my Mom almost always cooked a hot breakfast in the mornings. My Dad and I
were the ones that truly relished it.
Same pic, new year, lol