What is a trivet you might ask?  My trivets are a work of art, fabric art.  Created by
using bright, tropical fabrics these trivets protect your beautiful dining room furniture
from damage by heat (or cold, or wet).  When not in use, they hang on the wall or
cabinet face.  Cheery and fun they help make a gloomy winter's day brighter.

The process is described below.  These trivets take several hours to complete, but that
doesn't matter as they are a labor of love. I'm always on the hunt for new fabrics and
since each piece is unique the inventory is constantly changing.
Below is a sampling of my work.  Each item is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that
makes a terrific host/hostess gift for the person that loves to entertain. It's also a
hangable wall art item for the one who is stuck in a cubicle all day or anyone else who
loves color and needs a bright, cheerful item in their life! My sisters, girlfriends and my
mother-in-law all love theirs.
These were just made. Spring of 2016
These were made during Winter/Spring of 2015
I make purses too!
Note: Pics of newly made trivets below.
These were just made. Spring of 2017
Click on each pic for an enlargement.
You can BUY ONE!

The larger, more elaborate trivets are $22 and the smaller, simpler designs are $18.
Email me for availability.
Our Thanksgiving table with my M-I-L and me,
plus all the trivets used to protect our table