Engine Room, Arrgh!  YUCK!  Nasty!
The engine room without the engine.  While the room is bare, we will take the opportunity to
install a new fuel tank, holding tank, hot water heater, add some insulation and  replace much
of the existing wiring.

As you can see, we have a real opportunity here to shine!
Here is the shot of it installed. HOORAY! Click on the
picture for a larger shot
. The shot to the left is looking
aft from the companionway.

Beyond the engine (to the left of it) is the new hot
water heater.  We did heat/sound insulation all the way
around and on the ceiling.  A fluorescent fixture is
mounted above the engine, and next will be the blower
system to keep things well ventilated.

The shot below is from inside the engine room looking
New Kubota 4-cylinder Engine
Engine Room Mod's
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The engine room BEFORE any work has been done.

We removed the old engine, a 2-cylinder Volvo, piece by piece,
finally using a chain off the crane to lift out the old block.

A TON of scrubbing was necessary to get the crud out!  As you
can see the old owner had some left-over bottom paint (but
not enough to paint the whole engine room)!
Fiberglass add-ons; water heater supports, holding tank
Step 1: This view shows the addition of  new hot water heater
supports on the far left. These were epoxyed for strength and
durability and then glassed into place.  Also some of the
insulation is visible on the aft bulkhead.

In front, we have utilized wasted space in the bottom of the
bilge by using it to create a reinforced fiberglass and plywood
baffled holding tank.  We ran 1" PVC along the bottom from aft
of the tank into the bilge sump for normal bilge drainage.

We plan on using oil absorbent cloths on top of the holding
tank to keep things as clean as possible.
Holding tank plumbing
To the right, we see the plumbing into and out of the
holding tank, plus one of the two vents and the capacity
sensor.   We have plumbed it to accommodate the
pump-out station deck fitting methodology and also have
a whale gusher pump for those times when we do manual
pump-outs.  A valve determines which way the flow goes.

For a good article on marine sanitation, check out
Hall's discussion on maintaining a healthy tank.
Spiffy Engine room
This is the first VOILA shot!  It shows the results of applying
2-part epoxy primer and paint.

This was a real boost.  Nothing like a clean, fresh engine room to
inspire the Capt'n to get the new engine, 4-cylinder Kubota
shown below, installed...
(Did I mention that He was getting
pretty sick of being tied to the dock
Engine Room looking aft from companionway
Engine room looking forward
Well, we finished this project up in early May, 2000 and
have since put quite a few hours on the Kubota during
the break-in period this summer and fall.  So far, it's
performing beautifully.

I think we both feel a lot of relief knowing that we can
crank and go whenever we need to.  The Volvo had
gotten to the point where it over-heated at the drop of a
hat and needed to be coaxed, begged and pleaded-with
to get you where you needed to go.
Caution! You may recoginize my engine as being a Phasor marinization of a
Kubota engine. While I cannot say enough good things about Kubota, I also cannot
say enough
bad things about Phasor. If you are considering a similar project, I would
recommend you get in touch with
BetaMarine. Enough said!