Great Personal Pages
Yacht Attitudes

This web site belongs to some Aussie friends we met up in Newport and
subsequently bumped into from time to time heading down island.  After
a trip to the UK to rebuild the cruising kitty they came back to the
Caribbean and through the Panama Canal and are back in Australia.
Caribbean Soul

This is the site of Deanna and Nick, whom we met in Bahia Redonda last
season shortly before they headed out to complete their Caribbean Loop.  
They have since put the boat up for sale and gone back to being C.L.O.D.'s
(cruisers living on dirt).  Very nice writing style and wonderful pics too.
Gypsy Blues

This page belongs to Cheryl and Rene, a Canadian couple that have been
out for a few years.  We met them in Grenada where they were setting
about making a name for the food service at Clark's Court Bay Marina.  
Thanks guys, really enjoyed it.
Swan Song

This is the web site of Nancy and Dave on Swan Song.  We met them at
Bahia Redonda last year and travelled with Nancy and a group to Caracas
and Colonia Tovar.  They gifted us an old teak table which we had
refinished in Trinidad last December.  It is beautiful now and is enjoying
life as our main dining table.

Nancy and Dave have since taken their motor yacht through the canal and
up to Hawaii where they are currently berthed enjoying family.
Scott Free, 43' Nauticat ;

Scott and Heather are cruising friends we met in the Bahamas and
travelled with off and on down through the EC.  They always have good
adventures, and write good blogs about it all.
s/y Bebe

Judy and Bill on Bebe became friends a couple of years ago, and have
since gone through the Panama Canal and are in the South Pacific.  I let
them take me to visit out there via their logs.
Arctic Tern

This web site contains the logs from Devi and Hunter, a couple from
Valdez, Alaska.  They travelled extensively in Venezuela, particularly up
the Macareo River in the Orinoco delta area and wrote some great blogs on
their travels.  They have since moved to the ABC's and onward.
Audrey Paige

This blog is by Allayne and Dennis, a couple from Michigan.  We were
berthed 2 down from them last year in Bahia Redonda marina and really
enjoyed their company.
Boat Bumms, cruising In and On Paradise;

We first met Manuela and Sid while finishing up our liveaboard
arrangements in a marina back in Jacksonville in '05 and next caught up
with them in Grenada.  Lots of good photos, advise and blogs of their
travels on their site.
Tusen Takk II

We met Barb and Chuck in Grenada a couple of years ago and got
reacqainted at Bahia Redonda.  Great people, great logs, beautiful motor
Diesel Duck

Our good friends Marlene and Benno have finally started a blog which
helps us stay current with their doings and allows us a vicarious glimpse of
their travels around South America during 2008/9.

Honoree and Walt are super great people with lots and lots of energy.  
We really enjoyed hearing about their hiking exploits with Scott Free in
the Alpamayo area of Peru.  Now they are blogging about the western