Golfo de Cariaco, Venezuela
After leaving the headwaters of the Rio Cariaco, we headed back out into the Golfo and went to check out the
amenities of Medregal Village, a hotel with a restaurant, pool and bar which also offered shuttle service into
town, (Carupano or Cariaco), plus a paperback book exchange.

The owner Jean-Mark, a Belgian, is a fabulous chef.  He along with his Venezuelan wife take great pride in
offering civilization in the wilderness.  We had a wonderful steak with Roquefort sauce meal, and another
time a great chicken tarragon meal.  His plates always offer a large array of beautifully prepared fresh local
vegetables.  Needless to say there are many cruisers that decide to stay at anchor there for long periods of
Using the "look" bucket to check the anchorage
Cool local boat with great artwork
The honor bar
Anchorage off Medregal Village
The pool at dusk is lovely
Finally, it was time to move on towards Puerto La Cruz, so we headed down through Mochimo National
Park, a series of islands and bays, wonderful for their snorkeling.  First stop, El Oculto, (Hidden Bay).  As
there were no other boats anchored, we had the pick of the spots.  After getting settled in, we head out for
some snorkelling.  Fantastic coral covered with colorful Christmas tree worms and featherdusters.  I wish
we had a shot of these worms as they are so colorful!   Lots of fish awaited us, including some really large
pufferfish, with eyes about as big as a halfdollar - kind of scary looking to see them hiding inside these
caves.   There were also a few "string of pearls" jellyfish too... oh well, no big deal.
Looking out at the anchorage
After a short few nights in El Faroe, an anchorage just a few miles from Puerto La Cruz, we took a slip at
Maremares, a 5-star hotel/marina complex in the affluent Lecheria section of town.

It is almost like being in Ft. Lauderdale, a huge lagoon complex with condos, boats and more boats.  The
grocery store is a short dinghy ride away, and great restaurants are within walking distance.  As we got our
sun awnings up by midday yesterday, and filled the ice chest up with cold drinks, we reflected that we were
happy to be here at 10 degrees North as the wind field from Felix went on by some 75 miles to the north of
us.  We're staying put for the remainder of the hurricane season, and enjoying the luxury of it all!
Anchorage off Medregal Village
The pool at dusk
The honor bar
Sampling Jean-Mark's fabulous food
Sampling some of Jean Mark's fabulous food
Beautiful flambouyant tree
Gorgeous flambouyant tree
Anchorage after we were joined by a few boats from PLC
Linda checks out a pair of iguana's
Local boat with coooool artwork
El Faroe, the bay & anchorage and the
iguana's that hang out on the beach.
Interesting geology
Maremares Hotel and Marina - the pool is awesome!
This trip was made in the 2007 hurricane season.  No idea how things stand today, :(