Dreamtime goes to Grenada
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After our stay in Carricou, it was time to head down to Grenada.  It was a brisk and wonderful sail,
especially nice that Kick-em Jenny, the underwater volcano at the northern tip of the island didn't give us
much of a problem.  We also caught-up to and passed a 50' catamaran while we were both under sail,
which is the greatest feat in Morgan 33 OI sailing history!  We thought about stopping along the western
coast of the island but opted for heading around the southern tip to Prickly Bay.  Had a time of it heading
east into wind and choppy seas but some artful tacking got us there just fine.

It was another one of those "small world" moments as the first boat we see as we arrive is '
Alleluiah' with
Tito and Roberta onboard.  Hadn't seen them since Georgetown in '02, so it was great catching up with

Meanwhile, we get an invite from
 Lioness III to join them and about 20 of their friends for an all-day island
tour - for a mere $10US, you bet we will... onwards to the spice processing plant, where the nutmeg is
separated into it's components and dried, culled and packaged for shipment to places like McCormick's and
Shilling, for further processing.
Mace, the lace-like inner
covering of the nutmeg
The Grenada Chocolate Factory
6/26/2006 through 8/31/2006
Took a tour of the Rivers Rum Distillery where the "old" ways still hold sway.  A waterwheel is used to
power the grinder which pulverizes the sugar cane in preparation for boiling and extraction.  Wood, mostly

hardwood grown on the estate is used to fire the boilers.  Very interesting, but the rum is "iron jack" style,
real rotgut, white lightening stuff.

A tour of Grenada wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Chocolate Factory, which is organically run
ng solar power for supplemental energy.  The chocolate is excellent,  in fact it was as good as the rum
was bad.  They made 2 blends, 60% and 71% pure chocolate.  The 60% had a bit more sugar.  We found
both delicious, however, the 60% was a better choice for dessert with brandy.  The Mona monkeys come
out for handouts as we drive back towards Prickly Bay.    The Annadale Falls rounds out a very long day.  
Wonderful natural scenery.
Grading of the nutmegs
Mona monkeys living in the wild
Sugar Cane being crushed
for the Rum Distillery
A look at the local herbs &
Explanation of the various herbs & spices cultivated in Grenada
Sorters at the Nutmeg Factory
Nutmegs on the drying rack
Mace, the lace-like inner covering of the nutmeg nut
The famous organic chocolate factory
Nutmegs on a drying rack
Sugar Cane being crushed for the Rum Distillary
Mona monkeys living wild
The Distillery equipment
The Distillery
Beautiful Ginger plants
Annadale Falls
Had the crews from 'Scott Free', 'Casa del Mar', 'Que Rico', and 'My Lady Kathleen' in town for the
carnival.  We were invited down to share their 2nd floor "hospitality" headquarters at the Tropicana Inn,
right down on Lagoon road.  It was great fun to watch the big costume parade and enjoy the beautiful
Annadale Falls
Crew set's up the hospitality suite
Carnival Parade, lagoon beyond