Bahamas Photos
Man o'War Cay
Hopetown Lighthouse
Afternoon Delight
Beautiful Bahama beach
Dolphin on the bank
Fooled ya - Bet you thought you'd see some sailboat boating shots... But that's not the way it happened.

When we first started our "serious" boating, we kept our powerboat down in Palm Beach so that it
would be an easy matter to hop over to the Bahamas, plus the Gulf Stream is so close to shore down
there, the water is gorgeous!   Below are some shots from those trips to the Bahamas that were taken
over the course of 8 years.

The boat was a 25' Sportcraft, and we learned how to effectively "camp" aboard.  Since we are the best
of friends, the close quarters were not a problem.  I did miss having a "real" galley.  The alcohol burner
and teeny-tiny sink made it a challenge to come up with good meals.  As you might imagine, a
flush-deck 33' with 11'8" beam plus full galley, head with shower and large cockpit, seems quite the lap
of luxury.
                                     Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the shots.
This is the view from the porch of
the lodge at Walker's Cay.  
Typically, we would clear in at
Walker's then work our way
down to Green Turtle.

Dolphin on the Bahama Bank.  
Swam with us for a ways, and
was very curious.
This is "Gimme Shelter" our
Sportcraft.  We enjoyed the way
it went to windward and the
extremely shallow draft.
Ahhh, a lonely beach, a sunny
day, what more needs to be said.

Most of our time was spent
enjoying anchoring out and
snorkeling on the reefs.
To the left is the Hope Town light.

To the right, Man-o-war Cay.  This
island is very clean and orderly.  
Lots of boatwrights and sail shops.
Walker's Cay back porch
Sample Entries from the Ship's Log during our power-boater days when a stiff wind was
a curse!  My how times (and attitudes) change...

Friday, first week of June 1995:

We had a great crossing!  Winds calm both sides.  A few remnant rollers from the last
nor'easter but the bank was flat.  Sunny weather, a taste of the week to come.  We are on the
leading edge of Memorial Day weekend, but managing to be (mostly) alone just fine.  Life is

Bananas and Bear Claws for breakfast.  Lots of stars last night.  We ate the leftover ribs and
drank some red, then watched the sunset and did some star gazing.  Good viewing of "Leo" and
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