Bahamas '03 Trip Photos
During May and June of 2003 we took our shakedown cruise to the Bahamas.  We headed down the
ICW to Fort Lauderdale and then out across the Gulf Stream to Great Isaac Light.  From there the
conditions precluded our original plan of heading to Chub Cay so we headed instead to Great Harbor

We spent  around 3 weeks working our way through the upper to mid Berry islands, then took off for an
overnight sail to Little Harbor via Hole in the Wall.

From there we worked our way up the Abacos through March Harbor, Great Guana, No Name, Green
Turtle, Manjack, Powell, and Allans-Pensacola.  We headed back to the states via Great Sale to Fort
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These shots were taken at Soldier Cay,
part of the Market Fish Cays in the
Berries.  Spent a couple of nights here
and enjoyed swimming over to the beach,
which was bordered by the ocean on one
side and the bank on the other.
To the left is the lighthouse at Great
Stirrup Cay, in the Berries.  We
anchored up quite near it in a beautiful
spot and stayed there for 3-4 days.  To
the right is a shot of one of the many
cruise ships that stopped off at Little
Cool, a double rainbow late in the
afternoon at Soldier's.

Here's Dreamtime from a bluff on White
Cay at Devil's-Hoffman in the Berries.
We had a picnic with some of our
anchorage mates at the south end of
Devil's Cay one beautiful day.

To the right, the Capt'n hangs out at a
small secluded island in the same
grouping, Devil's-Hoffman.
Lighthouse at Great Stirrup
Cruise ship dwarfs the island at Little Stirrup
Swimming at Soldier Cay
Soldier Cay, part of the Market Fish Cays in the Berries
Double rainbow at Soldier Cay
Dreamtime at Devil's-Hoffman
A dinghy fest at the south end of Devil's Cay
Capt'n relaxes at a secluded beach
Linda gets geeky in her SPF hat at Devil's
A private beach in amongst the cays at
Devil's-Hoffman.  The sand in the Bahamas is
so white and so fine, just like sugar.  Found
quite a few shells around too.

Getting geeky in my SPF145 hat.
No Name Cay just south of Green Turtle, Abacos
A tiny private beach at Devil's-Hoffman
To the left, our anchorage at No Name
cay just south of Green Turtle, in the
Abacos.  Beautiful spot and only suitable
for a shallow draft, like our's.

To the right, Gillam Bay on the east side,  
of Green Turtle Cay.
A shot of Runaway, a Pearson 365, at Manjack Cay in the Abacos
Gillam Bay, on Green Turtle in the Abacos.  This is on the ocean side.
To the left, "Runaway", a Pearson 365
anchored at Manjack, just north of Green Turtle.

To the right, her crew in New Plymouth on
Green Turtle Cay.  We walked all over the island
with them and then had a great lunch at
Departing from Great Sale on the way home.
Our offering at the signing tree at Allan's-Pensacola
To the left, our "Dreamtime" sign that we
hung on the signing tree at
Allans-Pensacola, a tradition with cruising

To the right, our friends Aftermath and
Kinsella as we prepare to depart back to
Florida from Great Sale Cay.
Sunset one afternoon
Windjammer cruise ship off Devil's-Hoffman
A Windjammer sailing cruise ship was
anchored up off Devil's-Hoffman one morning..

Another striking sunset, but no such luck
spotting a green flash this trip.
Crew from Runaway in New Plymouth on Green Turtle