Angel Falls, Venezuela
At the beginning of October 2007, the crews from Dreamtime and Paradise headed out by bus to Ciudad
Bolivar in preparation for our flight to Canaima and subsequent trip to Angel Falls and the Gran Sabana.  
It was a wonderful trip, timed just right, just after rainy season.  That meant the rivers and falls had
plenty of water but we shouldn't be subject to being rained on quite so much as might have been the
case a month earlier.  After a fun hop down to Canaima, located south and east of Puerto La Cruz, we
disembarked and prepared for the next step, heading up river to the base camp for the hike up to the
Falls in the morning.  This entailed meeting the rest of our group and hopping into dugout canoes for the
motor upstream.
Heading up river - ready to get wet?
Arriving at Canaima
Our group was made up of the 4 of us, a couple from Sweden, a brother and sister from Portugal and
our guide Tony.  The scenery going up river was fantastic, the river glassy and the tepui's (mesa's)
readily visible.
Taking dugout "canoes" up river to base camp
Stopped off for a swim and lunch where we ran into other groups headed up to the falls.  Manuela poses
and I take a shot with her camera - many of these photos were taken with her spiffy, waterproof digital
camera - thanks Manuela.  Along the way to the base camp we had to traverse several rapids and we all
pretty much got soaked, but it was fun.  A local Peymon indian was our lookout at the front of the canoe,
to help direct our path and to keep a lookout for other river traffic.  The guys, wet but undaunted, and to
the right a shot of the Devil's Fork.
The Devil's Fork
The base camp was very rustic - meaning we hung up our hammocks and our wet clothes, had a nap
then watched the camp crew take chicken halves and spit them on stakes, then stick the stakes in the
ground around the fire.  Wow, worked great, no mess.  Seriously, the food was really quite good and
much appreciated.  We shared our camp (and dinner) with a late arriving group - 14 Russians.  Very
interesting people, many spoke quite good English, and the women were all gorgeous... great
The next morning we got an early start and hiked up to the Angel Falls overlook.  What an awesome
sight.  The overlook isn't at the top, but is at a perfect height to see everything.  Afterwards, we went
back to camp, changed clothes, packed-up and ate lunch - busy, busy.  We went back down river to the
Canaima lagoon and stayed at the base camp across from Hacha falls.  The next day we hiked up and
walked behind Sapo (Frog) Falls, named after the cute yellow and black frog.  Wow, what a torrent of
water!  They'd never let you do this in the USA.
Heading for more  whitewater
Our group
Angel Falls from base camp
Sid takes a nap
This shot taken at the Angel Falls overlook
Canaima Lagoon - Hacha Falls
Wlaking behind Sapo Falls
Sapo Falls - the other side
Beautiful native orchids growing around Sapo Falls